1. Operational Analysis

First, I listen and conduct a thorough current-state analysis. We will interview your subject matter experts and other stakeholders to identify gaps in process and toolsets. This phase mostly consists of taking a descriptive approach to understanding how and why things are the way they are and will involve a combination of surveys, interviews, and research of current processes and other operational artifacts and reports.

2. Brand and Culture Strategy

Then, we will look at your brand and your place in the market with a goal in identifying opportunities for growth and ownership. Your external brand is intrinsically linked to internal culture so that will be a critical part of the strategy and go-forward plan. Ultimately, we want to craft a plan that aligns with your business drivers and hack growth so you can achieve your business goals.

3. Solution Design

Next, we design the solution(s) with a keen eye towards customer experience and SAAS software, reducing the total cost of ownership and technical debt allowing your organization to focus on the things they do best. Empathy is the key during this phase. We employ design thinking methods to identify the needs and behaviors of the customer as well as the change management plan needed for a successful rollout to employees in your organization.

4. Integration and Rollout

Then, we fulfill the prescription to solve your business challenges. We implement and integrate cloud technology and tools to your existing infrastructure while updating and streamlining business processes, roles, and responsibilities of your staff. During this phase, we employ train-the-trainer methods to critical business stakeholders and coach executives to ensure early adoption and dissemination of these transformative changes.

5. Go-To-Market and Measure

Finally, our focus turns towards executing the go-to-market strategy and gathering the data to make incremental improvements. Data tells the success story and we will develop performance dashboards so that you are a part of the analysis and can own the future decision making process.