Team leader, systems integrator, technology-focused marketer, creative project manager and high-level thinker whose work has spanned industries such as IT, finance, marketing, events and hospitality, consulting, and federal government contracting. Combining managerial and technical experience helps Adam lead strategic digital transformation initiatives involving marketing, operations, product, and sales.

Adam has held multiple senior-level and C-Suite positions in both IT and Marketing as well as served as President of a property technology start up. His super power is seeing the world through another person’s lens and connecting the dots between seemingly disparate subjects to guide people and organizations through innovation initiatives and change management efforts.

Adam is also the co-host of The Innovation Economy, a top-ranked business management podcast. In his episodes under the Intrapreneurs track, Adam features a wide range of guests including business leaders, third-party consultants, and intrapreneurs themselves. Topics discussed include how you can affect change from within organizations and how leaders can create environments where innovation can thrive. Companies are ultimately made up of people, and Adam’s expertise helps guide the conversation around how to get the most out of your people and improve the company culture.